Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beauty in rugged terrain

I live in Pune..... a plateau surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains. For me growing up included trekking these hills and being totally enamored by the scenery...... which forever keeps changing. I took this pic with a point-and-shoot in Lonavala, a hill station very close to Pune. The hills were covered with a beautiful green carpet of grass and there was this strange looking leafless moss covered tree growing out of nowhere among the rocks. A couple sat ensconced in the middle of all this totally oblivious of everything and everyone.


  1. It's a beautiful setting and you have taken an excellent shot. The couple looks like they are sitting right on the edge of the cliff! I get dizzy at such (open) heights so I wouldn't get that close to the edge myself ;-)

  2. Wow....such an impressive, gorgeous scene.

    My link for Tina's Picstory is Holiday Trees

    I do hope you'll stop by to visit with me.

  3. thanks for the view into your life :) wonderful tree!

  4. The wiew is breathtaking and the tree is wonderful! What a nice place to sit and contemplate.


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